Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game Apk Mod lots of money updated v 5.1.4 + DATA

Download Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game Apk Hack game fps MineCraft untuk android | Download Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game Mod .  Ahoy braders pada kesempatan kali ini giliran game Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game yang menjadi topik bahasan di blog game ini braders. game android Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game meruapakan game FPS atau game First Person Shooter, namun game android FPS ini bukanlah game FPS biasah karena karakter yang ada di dalam game Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game Hack ini adalah karakter karakter yang ada di Mine craft braders. pasti kalian semua tau tentang mine craft karakter yang terdiri dari kubus kubus yang di susun sehingga menjadi sebuah karakter Bot yang mirip dengan manusia. nah dan game Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game apk ini memiliki karakter tersebut yang di seragamkan dalam 2 bentuk tim yaitu team perampok dan ti polisi braders. download game Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game Hack apk terbaru, 

Selain itu game Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game ini juga memiliki fitur fitur seperti Multy player dan singgle player, dalam mode Multi Player kalian dapat bergantian dengan teman kalian untuk change Team, bergantian menjadi Polisi dan menjadi Perampok. dalam mode singgle player kalian akan di suguhkan beberapa misi yang harus kalian selesaikan braders pokoknya akan serubanget braders jadi buruan download Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game Cheat Mod + data terbaru, karena sangat banyak yang bilang setelah memainkan game ini dan mereka menyukai game Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game Apk ini braders. 

Multiplayer support: local and worldwide.
Sky & Environment effect setting.
Detail effects: bullet holes & spark effect…
Chat System in game: team chat or all players chat. (With words filter)
Weapon System (40+ weapons): AK47, M4, M87T, RPG, AWP, G36K, MP5KA5, UZI, M249, Desert Eagle, M67…with great voxel models & pixel textures!
Skin System (30 + skins)
Beautiful UI & comfortable control.
Maps (15 + interesting maps.)
Game Mode: now support 3 modes - Stronghold Mode & Team Death Match Mode & Killing Competition Mode.
Profile System: Weapon Equipping & Armor Equipping & Skin Set & Information & Reward.
Rewards: Killing Reward, Headshot Reward, God Like Killer Reward… (easy coins earning!)
Damage setting: (Head, body, leg) - Different position with different damage.
Growth System: Level, Rank, Reward.
Add armor and health pack in multiplayer Mode.
Auto gift: receive gift box or coins.
Slots: win the skins and weapons.

1. Three difficulty setting: Easy, Normal, Hard.
2. Unlock next Difficulty choice with 4 levels.

1. Support up to 12 players worldwide.
2. 6 different online regions you can choose. (Global, EU, US, ASIA, JP, AU)
3. Switch team dynamically in game.
4. Create & Join Rooms: Play with other players all around the world.

1. Pixel & Block-based Scene, Character, Props, Weapons.
2. Awesome cops & funny robbers, the high quality models design.
3. Jail Break & Jungle Battle & Fighting N Shooting. Play with your friends!!!

For the best experience on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, we keep optimizing the game again and again. This release version is perfect running on all the devices!!!

Challenge your limits! Your record will be uploaded to Game Center. To be the 1st-killer all around the world. We believe you can do it! Just Fighting!!!

Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game

Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game

Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game

Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game

Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game

Mereka yang suka dengan game Cops N Robbers

1. Add five girl skins. Dress up now!
2. Custom weapon: Add three 2D models and two 3D models.
3. Now you can search map name in lobby.
4. Add "search" feature in Custom map.
5. Delete the custom weapon or skin you don't like.
6. Crash frequency is greatly reduced.
7. Fix block placed issue in custom weapon.
8. Improve some features and fix some bugs.

Diperbarui 16 Maret 2017
Pemasangan 5.000.000 - 10.000.000
Versi Saat Ini 5.1.8
Perlu Android versi 2.3 dan lebih tinggi
Ditawarkan Oleh Riovox
Google Play
Size Apk 40.5 mb Data 48.5 mb

Download Cops N Robbers Apk V5.1.8
Download Cops N Robbers Apk V5.1.5
Download Cops N Robbers Apk V5.1.4

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